Friday, October 3, 2008


It's been an interesting couple of years, I wish I could say I have achieved all my goals, most of which I set out 2 years ago and for a one year plan, but of course they bled into this year.

In bullet point:
  • Write a new feature script.
  • Produce a new music video.
  • Produce at least two new short films.
  • Promote those films.
  • Find an agent.
  • Secure Financial backing for a Feature.
  • Develop a TV show.
  • Begin building a working studio for likeminded filmmakers.

Well, I got someways along the way. Of course not everything goes as planned does it?!
  • I wrote three new feature scripts, development on going.
  • I found out that I did not like working with rock bands and vowed never to make another music video.
  • Made one short for no money which I was happy with and has now been accepted into a fest in the US. And I am promoting another with Jason Byrne. And Developing a third which I hope to shoot in the coming months.
  • No agent yet.
  • Got backing for one feature, but fell through. So no financial backing as yet for feature, but the next best thing, a crew chomping at the bit to shoot. So plans are rolling for shooting next year.
  • Developed TV show, found a production comapny to make it and interest from RTE, only to have the plug pulled at the last minute.
  • I have started the business plan for the studio.

Other unlisted things that have happened:
Started two new feature scripts, which makes a total of Five in the last two years. I'm also developing two more TV show ideas, the pilot of one I hope to shoot in the winter. I started work on a comic book. I'm also planning an exhibition of my photography later in the year. I screened my shorts at Electric picnic and Emily's Song continues to screen at festivals around the world. And I'm getting married next month!

So I would say it's been a good year... I'm still bloody broke though!!!

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