Friday, October 3, 2008

I Love a good questionaire!

When you begin a project who are you making the film for?
Me. The audience in my head. And me mammy!

Are you targeting the top festivals-distributors?
Not targeting them. No. But I will enter the festivals and I will approach the distributors. 

Do you have a marketing plan from the on-set or do you deal with this in post?
No. I'm out to tell a story and I try to tell it as honestly as possible. I'm hoping it will connect with people. I'll leave the marketing up to the pros!

Is it awards your after?

If 10k was given to you to produce a short how high do you regard at least breaking even on it whether it be from private investment or public money?
I spent €25k on a short and so far I've only €1.5k back, so no, I'm not worried about the money. Shorts don't make money generally, unless it's something really popular that sells to a lot of countries.

Do you target an intended audience?
I think about the story and the characters and when it's done I let it find it's own audience.

How much are the paying punter (audience) in your mindset from the beginning?
Not really. It happens later. At first I'm trying to connect with the story and the characters and find my way into the story. Once I'm in there I'm kinda like the pied piper, I can lead others in.

Do you make films focused entirely on it's artistic merits?
It's all about story and honesty for me. I do believe cinema is an art form and I do put a lot of thought into how it's going to look. I'm not out to make a buck. I wouldn't want to be the next Michael Bay if you promised me all the money he has!

Is dealing in entertainment an artform? ie that ability to stun an audience, make them laugh etc, through the medium?
Is entertainment an art form? No. It's entertainment. You can have art that is entertaining.

Do you rely solely on funding or have you gone out an independantly done work?
I'm afraid I've gone down the independent route and I have the bank balance to prove it!!! But I expect that will change soon.

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