Friday, October 3, 2008

The Joys of being a writer:


1. Bad back.
2. Sore hands.
3. Tired eyes.
4. Weird hours.
5. Writers block.
6. Procrastination.
7. Rejection.
8. Frustration.
9. Insomnia.
10. Months spent on a script that you realise doesn’t work.
11. Months spent on a script only to open Empire Magazine to find Wes Anderson is making the very same film (it happened!).
12. Writing with a partner who can only write one day every two weeks, who’s always late, often cancels at the last minute when I changed my own plans to write or simply doesn’t show at all and doesn’t call.
13. Unemployment.
14. No money.
15. People close to you stop believing in you and tell you to get a real job.
16. Empty promises from producers and other filmmakers.
17. Fear of failure.
18. Obsession.
19. Paranoia 
20. Loneliness

The Perils of being a writer:

1. Joy.
2. Inspiration.
3. Satisfaction.
4. Exhileration. 
5. Education.
6. Finding a story you want to tell.
7. Finding an ending to that story.
8. Finding the characters who will tell that story.
9. Beginning a new script.
10. Realising something about your main character you weren’t aware of that make the whole story work.
11. Hearing your characters voice in your head.
12. Seeing the structure begin to work.
13. Writing a scene that works.
14. Knowing you have a great story.
15. Realising that although your writing partner is often late, unavailable and sometimes inconsiderate he has a wife, kids and job and does everything in his power and bent over backwards to write with you and he is your greatest supporter, educator, inspiration and the one who reassures you that what you’re doing makes sense and is valuable.
16. Realising you’re getting better.
17. Having people enjoy your work.
18. Hearing someone laugh out load when they read you script.
19. Typing FADE IN:
20. Typing The End.

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