Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Two Cents...

In a recent thread on Filmmakersnetwork.ie a less then appreciative poster became quite abusive to one of the regular posting members. This young and arrogant imbecile (probably destined to be one of those critics who seems to hate film) proceeded to insult and denigrate the work of the other poster, who was simply trying to be informative and instructive. I find this kind of negativity a complete waist of time, foolish and downright ignorant. Thankfully he was banned from posting on the site... anyway, here's was my response to the whole thing:

"Such a shame twats like that guy clog up useful threads with such imbecilic drivel... anyway, he's gone - suddenly the air smells cleaner in here. Many thanks to Jason for it.

I whole heartedly disagree with whoever it was that said only completed films should be in this section. I think it's essential that threads like this exist. 

If a young filmmaker or student logs on wanting to know how to go about shooting a no/low-budget film they need look no further. Here we have a blow by blow account, as it happens.

What the Hethwheel boys are doing is awesome and inspiring, for all of us. I love the just do it attitude. Especially as the guys have lives outside filming (not that I know them all that well) The fact that they're committed to this and making it happen, and working toward their vision, shows a level of commitment we can all be inspired by and learn from.

Film is art and everyone, bar none, has the right to create art. It's what makes us human, it's what separates us from the animals and anyone who tries to say it's wrong or stop it from coming into existence obviously has no idea what art is, and is, quite simply, ignorant.

Not all of us are going to be the next Tarintino, Speilberg or Kubrick - hell, the chances are slim that any of us will even get close the success of Lenny Abrahanson! But why should that mean we have to stop? 

We're doing this because we love film, we love everything about them... I don't have to blatther on about it, everyone here knows what I'm talking about... So we do what we do and it's not about the fame and fortune, it's not about the awards, the box office, the glory of it all (if it comes, all well and good) It's about the love of film and the need to tell a story. And as a filmmaker, some of my favourite stories are about the making of

Hands up here doesn't sit glued to the behind the scenes on any DVD! Who didn't watch the pre-production blogs onKing KongMonths before it ever hit the screen. Who doesn't read empire/total film/film Ireland/sight and sound to find out about what's being made? How the shoot is going? What the sets look like? The costumes? The script? We love it, and sometimes, as was the case with me and King Kong, more than the film itself.

I'll say it again, this stuff is essential, it's nourishment, we need it to keep going, because if someone else is doing it, then it means we can do it - and what the hell ar ewe sitting around for - lets make a f***ing movie!

For that I thank the lads for this thread, and wish you all the best with your production. Break a leg lads.


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