Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zbang Comedy Film Fest - we all need a laugh!!!

A friend of mine in Bucharest asked me to mention a festival she is organising, it is the first all comedy film festival in Bucharest and they are looking for funny, humorous, feel good movies to fill their programme.

For anyone with such a film all the info you need is below, including the contact info at the bottom, tell 'em Frank Kelly sent you!

• Zbang International Comedy Film Festival is the first festival in Bucharest that focuses exclusively on fiction films involving humor of all kind (comedy, parody, slap stick, black comedy, absurd comedy etc), be they short or feature length films.

• The major goal of Zbang ICFF is to bring forward a genre that is mostly overlooked in recent years’ cinema, both in Romania and in Europe. By focusing on a genre that is accessible both for the general public and for film professionals, the festival tries to put together frequent cinema goers and festival audiences.

• The organizers of Zbang ICFF wish to focus on one of the most important parts in the filmmaking process: the screenplay. During the 6 day festival, special attention will be given to comedy scripwriting by organizing a Comedy Script Contest and specialized workshops.

• Zbang International Comedy Film Festival is organized by Control N Cultural Association.

• Control N is a cultural association founded in 2009, having as primary objective the promotion of the Romanian cinema in Europe and of the European cinema in Romania, by creating a network of cultural exchange within film lovers everywhere.

• Zbang International Film Festival consists of one competitive section, dedicated to short fiction films and one non- competitive section, dedicated to feature length fiction films.

• The Sections of the Festival are:
• Zbang Competition
• Pure Zbang
• Fresh Zbang
• Special Zbang
• All Time Zbang
• Zbang On the Spot

• Zbang Competition – a selection of 18 films, produced within 2 years prior to the festival
• Pure Zbang – a selection of 7 films produced in Europe or with a majority of European contribution
• Fresh Zbang – a selection of 3 films produced one year prior to the festival, that have benefited from a special media attention in the film industry
• Special Zbang – a film program composed of 3 films in the filmography
of the special guest of the festival
• All Time Zbang – a selection of 3 films that have changed the history of comedy, selected on the basis of the theme of each edition. The first edition theme is: Taboo.
• Zbang On the Spot – a selection of 3 films from one European cinematography, produced within 3 years prior to the festival (Zbang 2010: British Comedies)

• The competitive section of Zbang International Comedy Film
Festival is dedicated to short fiction films. Selected films are automatically eligible for the applicable competition category. Zbang International Comedy Film Festival awards films for the following categories:

• The Zbang Award for Best Short Comedy
• Best Direction of a Short Comedy
• Best Screenplay of a Short Comedy
• Best Performance in a Short Comedy
• The Audience Award for Best Short Comedy
• The NISI MASA Award for the Best Short Comedy

• Zbang ICFF Festival also organizes four parallel programs dedicated to the promotion of comedy among film lovers:

• COMEDY SHORT SCREENPLAY CONTEST – a screenwriting contest dedicated to film professionals and non-professionals, focusing on writing a short film comedy script.

• SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP – a 4 days intensive training programme with an international Script Development Specialist, having as main purpose the improving of the selected scripts.

• MASTERCLASS ON COMEDY – a 3 hours masterclass held by one of the festival guests, whose activity strongly focuses on comedy.

• ROUNDTABLE ON COMEDY – a public discussion involving Romanian and international film personalities on the theme “What Happened to the Romanian Comedies?”

• Directors or scriptwriters whose films have been selected in the festival program are invited to be guests of the festival. In this case, the Festival will contribute to
the travel and accommodation expenses according to its means. After each screening of their films, the guests will be present for Q&A sessions with the audience.

• Other Festivals guests include European filmmakers, festival organizers, national and international press.

CONTROL N Cultural Association
OP 15, CP 10,
Bucharest 053120

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